Creationism – Not Divine but Scientific

I recently watched a video where Craig Venter unveiled synthetic life and it got me thinking. If humans have created a synthetic life-form capable of living, it’s only a matter of time before we gain greater understanding into lifeforms, their unique genetic codes and how to manipulate them. Sometime in the future, it’s likely there will be synthetic lifeforms that resemble the simplest lifeforms found at the origins of Earth, capable of mutating, and thus evolving.

Our knowledge of space and physics is growing exponentially, and even if we haven’t confirmed the existence of a planet capable of supporting life, at least as we know it, we know by probability that there are a large number that are. We have already sent out probes in to space, voyager 1 being over 18.8 billion kilometres away and we have figured out how to land spacecraft on Martian surfaces.

This leads me to believe that one day we could find a planet capable of sustaining life and transport a synthetic lifeform to it, which could start an evolutionary chain that in billions or trillions of years could lead to life at a level of complexity that rivals that on Earth.

Eventually, and it’s not necessary for this theory to be valid, humans could master interstellar travel and move around the universe in an efficient way. We could visit these planets, call a man to the top of a mountain and have him carve 10 commandments in to a stone. We could artificially inseminate a woman in an illiterate part of the world and have her bear a child as a virgin. We could control lightning on the planet and call ourselves Zeus.

Then we could sit back and laugh about it with our friends and hedge out bets as to the outcome. Will they master interstellar travel and reach Godlike status like our species? Or will they become extinct due to religious wars or destruction of the planet for profits?

What I’m getting at is humans could eventually possess the knowledge to have the powers of ‘God’ or a creator. This doesn’t validate religions and their mostly outdated, unscientific beliefs, but it does question the origins of life and how certain life can be created. It by no means proves the existence of God. On the contrary, it suggests that science is the best chance humans have at understanding the origins of life, specifically by reverse engineering it to its most basic form.

I am not using this theory to argue that humans and life on earth was created, but I am suggesting that there is a possibility that somewhere out there, there has been or will be a species that was created by another species, and is therefore a product of creation and evolution.

Of course, who or whatever caused the big bang and the first sign of life isn’t covered in this theory.


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